1. This is obviously a Professional Advertisement for Herbal Diffusers/refusers. Why would anyone put Cannabutter in a deep jar so you cannot get at it easily. I put mine in three or four pyrex pudding cups, and Never allow it to stay on the counter unless you will use it in 15 minutes, let it soften a bit, take a pinch, put the remainder back in the fridge; an hour later I'm into a beautiful mellow body and head high without the rush. I use Coconut Oil – 10x better than butter. ciao.

  2. Is three hours of infusing to long with the butter? Also what temperature do i have to make sure not to go over and is the butter soposed to bubble. I am using double boiler here in Colorodo

  3. Haha wow I'm so glad I stumbled upon ur channel!! I'm an avid daily cannabis partaker, and I've been looking for ways to maximize my take. U have taught me so much! Anyway, quick question… So when u make ur cannabutter, does the full spectrum get into the butter? Or is it just thc? I'm in pain every day so the other cannabinoids help a lot. Thanks! ❤😊

  4. How long does the butter stay good without losing potency ? Same with the coconut oil. Can someone give me a time table ? And what is the best way to store it ?

  5. No need to make this so complicated and expensive. No special equipment needed or using good expensive smoking weed. Been making cannabutter since the 70s. Only used the leaves that my grower friends would just throw away after harvest. I always just put the loose chopped up leaf material in a pot of water and however much butter I wanted to make depending on how much leaf I had and simmer up to 6 hours stirring occasionally. Usually did batches in a stock pot and get about 1 lb. Of butter. Let cool to room temperature then cool in the fridge till the butter solidifies on top. All the plant material sinks to the bottom as well as the milk solids and of course the water content. The butter clarifies automatically as part of the process. Scoop out the hardened butter from the top. Ready to use. Water doesn't dilute potency. You need an alcohol or oil base to extract THC. Water has no effect other than catching the plant material and not burning the butter. Don't waste your good smoking weed for this. Use the leaf that normally gets thrown away. Nice and cheap. Experiment to get the potency you like and enjoy.

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