1. why aint I surprised lol even after 100 something years they still cant figure out that 1 doctor for a city of 800 000 people in emergency room isn't sufficient .. they probably will never figure that a second or third working doctors would bring the hours of waiting down .. but then again all they want is cash … and well back to that they cant handle weed thing again its ok I can grow my own and the bikers around are place are pretty good at supplying us without whinning … send Trudeau to a freaking arab country and save Canada please 🙂

  2. It’s incorrect to say „we don’t know what ingredients in the vape pens causes lung embolisms“ we do know it’s called Vitamin D acetate and it was used to cut the regular vape juices to stretch them and it caused roughly 20 people who got the cartridges from the same Chinese producer to die. We’re passed beyond that and you still spread misinformation.

    Furthermore should we note that corporate cannabis companies made loses, the black market is chocking you out not just regulations. Your stores can’t compete from a quality perspective but also from a quantity perspective.

    You dead 💀 last and I don’t think that will ever change. LP‘s in Canada 🇨🇦 can’t give customers quality flower because of some quiet dumb stipulations like keeping the flower under 50% humidity which destroys it effectively.

    You know nothing about this Plant 🌱 nothing I see how you’re operating. You don’t understand the market nor it’s consumers. I hope everyone of you goes bankrupt. You’re a disgrace to medicinal cannabis users.

    Cannabis culture is counterculture. Cannabis consumers are some of the most picky consumers there are. It’s a product which isn’t cheap. We hate corporations and corporate entities trying to milk money of the market pushing inferior products onto the market which are overpriced.

    You won’t succeed that’s guaranteed. Open the micro-cultivation market make it easier to attain and see how it will drown out LP‘s within a year. Craft-Cannabis is the future. Specifically organically sungrown craft cannabis will be a the future.

  3. Whats ruining the industry is the fact that people like this sit around pontificating about something they have no clue about. This industry has long exsisted from supply to end sale. Stealing under the guise of regulation ad color of law will not ever work. The free fall will ocntinue as long as the people who built and sustained this industry in its real form are regulated out of the equation. I know guys selling top of the line ounces for 100$! Try beating that Gov Lp carpet bagging clowns.

    Nobody needs a 2 million dollar store and endless hands in the supply chain raising costs..There is a saying in the real industry..As long as we keep the board room, the grow room, we win! Get fucked you carpet bagging clowns..lolol

    PS. You will learn NOTHINg about the industry as long as you listen to know nothing fools like this…

  4. Users are turned off by corporate weed. The weed is all irradiated and has a reputation for being dry shwag (poor quality weed). It probably has dead mold and mites on it – but you can't tell because you aren't allowed to inspect it before you buy it. It comes in ridiculous packaging. The people enriched by corporate weed are the same ones that made careers out of jailing users. Of course we should make sure all that written off weed doesn't enter the black market. We wouldn't want quality slipping.

  5. Boom and bust cycles, people got sold a dream for the majority of the sector. Stop investing in size and invest in public companies who have a quality product and are fiscally responsible – it's the only way to fight the black markets and invest long term.

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