13-year-old with liver cancer wants to continue alternative medicine treatment

13-year-old with liver cancer wants to continue alternative medicine treatment

Kylee Dixon is still in protective custody and there is a warrant out for her mother’s arrest. Christina Dixon took her daughter out of medical care to treat her with …


  1. So why aren't they protecting the UNBORN kids like they think they're doing for Kylee? But they think it's ok to MURDER A BABY in the womb by the MILLIONS EVERY YEAR. It should be the parent's right to decide. There is BIG MONEY IN CHEMO, that's why they don't want alternative meds to be proven that they work.

  2. My prayers for this young lady. I take apricot extract everyday without ANY side effects. Since I work with radiation everyday, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to stay away from it as it will create more mutated cells making the cancer worse. Apricot kernels are the BEST way to fight cancer.

  3. Her Mother had taken her off Chemo and was saving her life with alternative medications BUT Big Pharma sent their goon squad out… weaponizing several agencies against this mother and her daughter. They put her in CPS custody where she was MOLESTED for 4 months!!!

  4. So a child is old enough to decide if they want sex change medical surgery but not allowed to decide to choose alternative cancer treatment instead of being poisoned and cut by big pharma? Shame . Hypocrisy. Lies. Anyone heard of Right to Try? ( president Trump passed this to protect health choices). #KAGrally

  5. So let's get this straight. If she wants her genitals mutilated, that's great and her parents can't intercede. But other issues? Nope, nope, nope. We gotta go with ripping the kid from the home and forcing unwanted medical treatments on them.

  6. your description in both videos is wrong. Her mother did not remove her from medicine. The doctor sent the child home to die. The mother BROUGHT HER BACK FROM BRINK. You should be ashamed of yourself for portraying CPS and the corrupt doctors to KNOW BEST. We know that chemo CANNOT KILL cancer cells BUT ONLY SHRINK. YET CANNABIS CAN KILL CANCER? AND THE FIRST AND ONLY OPTION IS CHEMO? And any parent that doesn’t accept an early grave deserves to have that child ripped away to FORCE THAT DEATH?! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. Disgusting biased bs

  7. UPDATE: Kylee Dixon appeared in court this afternoon. The 13-year old cancer patient is caught in the middle of a medical custody battle. She was taken into state custody after her mother refused chemo and surgery for Kylee- opting instead for alternative treatment.

    Kylee looked healthy in the courtroom- but a child advocate warned “without surgical intervention the tumor will grow, causing pain, illness and eventual death.”

    An attorney representing the 13-year said Kylee doesn’t want surgery. The judge said she will defer to the state for medical decisions and the child will remain in foster care until she can be placed with another family member.


  8. This decision should ONLY be made by the patient and family. Does the State Government think that they OWN Kylee? The state cannot force her to undergo unwanted surgery, without it being a claim of ownership.

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